Types of Food RA Patients Should Avoid

Last week we talked about healthy diet options for RA patients and types of foods that will help with your pain and inflammation. This week our focus will be on foods that you should try to avoid if you have Rheumatoid Arthritis and the reasoning behind it.


Our first recommendation is to stay away from meats that have been grilled or fried at a high temperature, such as hamburgers and red meats. This is because these meats contain high levels of advanced glycation end products, otherwise known as AGE’s, in the blood. It has not been scientifically proven that this is a direct cause, but people with high inflammation tend to have higher levels of AGE’s. High amounts of sugar can also increase AGE’s, so it is important to stay away from sodas and candy. Try replacing it with a sweet fruit!


Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Our second diet recommendation is avoiding foods with omega-6 fatty acids. This is usually in processed and fried foods. Avoiding this will help with joint inflammation and obesity. It is important that RA patients take this into consideration while shopping for snacks. Instead buy fresh fruits and nuts for snack time.

Salty Foods

Another suggestion is to avoid foods with high amounts of salt. Foods that need a lot of preservatives often times have an excessive amount of salt. Even though prepared microwaveable meals are easier they usually have high amounts of sodium, so preparing your own meals with fresh food is the best way to go.


Alcohol and Tobacco

Our last diet tip for this week is to stay away from alcohol and tobacco. These can lead to many health problems and affect your joints. This can affect your balanced diet and not allow your body to get as much rest as it should be. Making healthy choices will result in less inflammation and much less pain as an RA patient.

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